Smart Smoke Sensor 


DM600 is a smart smoke sensor which can provide real-time with local and remote alerts.

When the sensor detects smoke, it activates buzzer alarm immediately, and send information to the cloud server through built-in wireless module, the server will automatically push information to relevant personnel and departments.  

Widely applicable for homes, rental houses, factories,
warehouses, clubs, public places, etc.


Smoke Alarm

High performance, 85db buzzer in 3m distance

Wireless Transmission

Multiple options: NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox, global frequency bands.

Remote Monitoring

Dashboard monitoring/Email notification/SMS notification

(platform related) 

Battery Powered, 5 year Battery Life

Low power consumption, no wiring.

Multi Functions

With test button, tamper alarm, temperature detection

Quick & Easy Integration 

TCP protocol with SDK

                                Network Diagram


Users can check data CNDINGTEK’s software application or your own applications.

 CNDINGTEK will provide protocol and manual without signing NDA after you place order



Dimension:  100*100*51mm                  Weight:  150g

Color:  White                                                Material :  ABS

Alarm Volume: 85db/3m

Temperature Detection Range:  -30℃ to 85℃ 

Power Consumption:  Sleep 30-50uA Upload peak value 280-300mA;

Internal Battery:  Non-rechargeable Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery, 

                                 ER14505*2, 5400mAh@ 3.6V 

Battery Life:  More than 5 years (upload once a day, MCU wake up every 12 hours, 

                         smoke detection all the time) 

Wireless    :   NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox

Frequency :  NB-IoT :B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 and so on

                        LoRaWAN : CN470/EU868/US915/AS923/RU868/IN865/KR 920Mhz

                        Sigfox : RCZ1/RCZ2/RCZ3/RCZ4