DC600 Water Leak Sensor

DC600 is a wireless water sensor that can be used in base stations, computer rooms, tunnels, fire water pipes and other places that need to detect water leaks;

 when the water immersion the detector, it will immediately trigger the sensor to report the alarm information to the application through the built-in wireless module (NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox). 

Users can observe status information remotely.


Real-time response, fast detection

Low power consumption

Multiple application environments 

Electrode detection

LPWAN Connectivity

Easy Installation & Integration

 Network Diagram 

  Through the built-in wireless module, it transmit the status via wireless module sim card to base station,then via internet network to network server to application server. Finally, the user can monitor the status of the water leaks in real time according to the Web or APP, and online monitoring and management.



Dimension : 80*78*30mm, Control box 

Color : Black 

Theory : Electrode 

Quantity : 2channel default; Can be expanded to 4 channels 

Length : Default 2meters, the cable from control box to detector; Customizable 

Wireless  :  NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox

Frequency : NB-IoT :B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 and so on

               LoRaWAN : CN470/EU868/US915/AS923/RU868/IN865/KR 920Mhz

                  Sigfox : RCZ1/RCZ2/RCZ3/RCZ4

Built-in battery : Non-rechargeable battery, 3.6VDC, 8000mAh 

Working Temperature : -20 ~ +70℃ 

Storage Temperature : -40 ~ +85℃