Ultrasonic Density Sensor 


DM500 is a smart liquid density sensor which calculates the density from ultrasonic wave speed in the liquid. 

As it is based on the principle of speed related to the density of media.  It is applicable for the liquid which is with known value of referenced density. It is compact design with small dimension and it is easy to install. Just need to put the ultrasonic transducer into liquid. 

Furthermore, it is applicable for customized design, such as different mechanic structure, measurement range, and other OEM/ODM service.


 Ultrasonic Technology

IP66 Waterproof

Wireless Transmission

24h Remote Monitoring

Low Power Consumption

Easy integration


Information is transimitted to the cloud server through the built-in wireless Lorawan module.

Users can monitor the status remotely.



Dimension: Body 78*80*30mm, transducer ø28*61, cable length 2m.

Weight: 500g

Color: Black (body& cable), Silver (transducer)

Measurement Range : 0.1~2g/cm3 

Resolution : 0.01g/cm3

Drift per year : ±0.5%FS 

Wireless: LoRaWAN 

Frequency: CN470/EU868/US915/AS923/RU868/IN865/KR 20Mhz, etc

Power Supply :Non-rechargeable lithium battery, 8500mah, 3.6V 
Waterproof: IP68 for the transducer, IP66 for controller box

Working Environment :-40 ~ 85℃, 5~95%RH