Physical Signs Detection Radar 

The sign detection radar is based on the millimeter-wave Doppler frequency modulated continuous wave radar system to realize the static perception of human biological movement and human biological perception. 

Through the Doppler parameters of personnel movement and the synchronous perception technology of physiological parameters of personnel, the state of human entry and exit can be monitored, the human body can be identified and judged for falling, and monitoring data and alarm data can be uploaded to the cloud platform.


Fall alarm

Timeout without action alarm

Security detection

Activity trajectory monitoring

Non-contact monitoring

Easy Installation 


                         Network Diagram

Sensing range

Top mounting

1) Installation height: 2.1m-3.1m
2) Installation position: directly above the detection area
3) Installation orientation: horizontally facing directly below
4) Personnel static detection range: height 2.4m, radius below radar 2m;
5) Personnel movement trigger range: height 2.4m, radius under radar 3.5m;
6) Fall warning detection range: height 2.4m, radius under radar 2m.


Size: 71x71x23mm
Communication mode: S-T01: 4G; S-T01b:BLE
Rated input: S-T01:5V =2A (MAX)
S-TOlb:5V - 1A (MAX)
Detection distance: 1.5~2.5m
Detection angle: horizontal 40° & vertical 40°.
Working temperature: -10-60°C