DF556 Pressure Liquid 

Level Sensor

DF556 is a pressure-based liquid level sensor, with wireless transmission module and battery.

With a submerged pressure transducer, DF556 can acheive 0.5% accuracy of the liquid height. The standard measurement range is 2.5m, up to 15m customizable. 

It is integrated with wireless module like NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, CAT-M, GPRS, 4G-LTE and etc. Data is uploaded to cloud server in protocol TCP, MQTT, LoRaWAN or other customized protocol. Widely applicable for liquid tanks, sewage, industrial water, pool, rivers and etc.



Liquid Level Detection

Wireless Transmission

Remote Monitoring

ATEX certification

IP67 Waterproof

Low Power Consumption



                            Network Diagram



Liquid level accuracy : 0.5%FS

Resolution : 1mm

Dimension : 122*96*96mm(Body),  140*30*30mm(Pressure part). 

Cable Length : 2.5m (Customizable)

Weight: 820g

Color: Blue (body), Silver (pressure part). 

Material : ABS(body), 304#stainless steel (pressure part), PTFE (cable between pressure part and body). 

Temperature range : -30℃ to 85℃

Internal Battery : Non-rechargeable Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery,   ER26500*1,8500mAh@ 3.6V 

Wireless Option : NB-IoT / LoRaWAN / Sigfox / 4G-LTE / NB-IoT+Cat-M+GPRS.