DC413 Smart

Manhole Level Sensor


DC413 smart manhole sensor is specially designed for the detection of well covers which need water, sewage level measurement . 

When the well cover shift, open or other abnormal situation appears, the device can timely alarm output to the use to indicate the current situation or status. 


Manhole cover movement monitoring + level monitoring

LPWAN connectivity

IP68 waterproof

Low power consumption

Easy integration

Easy installation

Nerwork Diagram

Sensor →Base Station/Gateway→Cloud Server→Application



  • Dimension: 115*115*40m          
  • Weight :  240g 
  • Color:  Black                           
  • Shell Material: ABS 
  • Prnciple:  Accelerating detection, Uitrasonic level detection 
  • Detection Range: 400cm 
  • Accuracy of Height: 3mm 
  • Accuracy of Temperature :  2°C 
  • Accuracy of Angel: 2°(optional) 
  • Communication: NB-loT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox
  • Frequency:  NB-IoT: B3/B5/B8/B20/B28
                         LoRaWAN: CN470/EU868/AU915 /US915/AS923 
                         Sigfox: RCZ1,RCZ2,RCZ3,RCZ4  
  • Internal Battery: 8500mAh@3.6V 
  • Protection Level: IP68