Artificial Intelligence Field R&D Fund Approved


DATE: 2019-04-13

Recently, Beijing Dingtek Technology Co., Ltd. applied for China national artificial intelligence field fund project after blind evaluation, expert review, and finally approved. The Fund is a general research project with amount of 500,000 yuan. The main research content is unmanned system multi-sensor fusion.

The research content of this project is highly correlated with Dingtek existing IoT project and will play an active role in promoting the research of Dingtek in the 5G IoT project.

There are more than a dozen research projects in this field. Each topic is conducted in parallel by three or four teams. More than 40 teams have received fund support, most of which are well-known universities and research institutes in China. Dingtek as a private enterprise has obtained the fund, which is the support and affirmation of Dingtek commitment to R&D and innovation. Dingtek will adhere to the spirit of dedication and professionalism, focus on R&D and continuous innovation, and create a leading brand in the Internet of Things industry!